The II International Conference on Language and Migration (2CILEI-18) will be held at the University of Alcalá from 29-30 November, 2018.

The arrival of migrants in a host community involves a linguistic, communicative and cultural impact whose consequences are key for the integration process of this new population. Even if migratory flows decline, we can still acknowledge that: 1) the percentage of migrants remains high, especially in certain territories; 2) newcomers and residents need to integrate social and culturally in the community of reception; and 3) the sociolinguistic integration is a complex process that poses many theoretical and practical problems.

The II International Conference on Language and Migration (2CILEI-18) aims to be a forum of debate and analysis on the study of the relations between language and society where linguistic contact takes place as a result of migratory movements, with special consideration to how migration develops or favours the socio-linguistic integration process. The present call is open to the research community in general, and more specifically, to those who carry out their research in the field of migration from different yet complementary perspectives: linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, teaching a second language and translation.


The Conference accepts communications related to migration in the following thematic areas:

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Discourse analysis

  • Development of virtual resources for research of language teaching to migrants

  • Translation and controlled languages

The II International Conference on Language and Migration (2CILEI-18) follows the one held in 2007 on the same subject, and is part of the scientific activities of the network INMIGRA (Autonomous community of Madrid). The network is made up of teams from the University of Alcalá, Universidad Nebrija and Universidad Europea. The aim is to analyse the sociolinguistic situation of the community of Madrid in relation to migrants and propose sociolinguistic integration tools.